What This Is and What This Isn't

Rise like Lions after slumber
In unvanquishable number,
Shake your chains to earth like dew
Which in sleep had fallen on you
Ye are many—they are few.
~ Shelley

Next Step Together is an relationship based, evolving sociocratic structure to enable groups and individuals to connect and work better together in the furtherance of common aims.

NST is not dependent on money, we hope. The currency most needed is your will to act more powerfully and to be an active node in the sociocratic structure we're developing together.

NST is accepting monetary donations to help cover the costs of spreading this message through the media, and for setting up the technical network for sociocratic communications. If you can help in that way too, please do. We suggest each person give $1 because we need billions of people involved for this to work, and billions of dollars should be enough to run Next Step Together. If you can spare more, it will help jump start the movement!

This is simple: not a Registered Product, or something you have to wait to use until you totally understand it. Basically, it’s playing fair, and doing first what needs to be done first. It's about:
- Caring for life.
- Being honest.
- Considering that other folks are possibly doing the best that they can.
- Halting the inertia of "business as usual".
- Amplifying everyone's effectiveness in the world.
- Connecting, linking and solidarity.

This is about you, because you are the only person in the world with your unique network of friends, contacts, co-workers, family members, compadres, neighbors, acquaintances. Only you can be the fired-up node that links all these groups that are already important in your own life. Just as each individual is unique, each individual represents a unique network of connections between people and groups. No one else can do your connecting but you.

Your Organization is Safe. We will facilitate communication, networking, decision-making and governance between exisiting people and groups. Next Step Together is committed to not replacing, overpowering, or competing with other organizations. We want to enhance the power of each individual and group with the strength of practical cooperation. This is not a power-grab. It is first a recognition of existing organizational realities, then a linking, and then a new level of efficient collaboration to accomplish common, pressing goals. In sociocracy, power is always with, never over others. Together We Stand. This is about all of us working together to complete all of our plans quickly and efficiently. It's about a new, massive solidarity. It’s about those who are already leading organizations linking up and becoming better organized for collective, effective mass action. It is a practical, commonsensical structure to increase communication, cooperation, and power. Great organizations, people, and leaders already exist and are working hard. Your agenda, money and constituency are safe!

Revolution? We neither propose nor refuse to propose major structural change in any nation’s governmental or economic status quo. Such strategic decisions will only be appropriately made by a fully constituted sociocratic structure, involving all stakeholders — and we're not there yet.

Sit Down in This Circle. There are many reasons to resist working together, but there are many better reasons to stop resisting— for instance, those 50,000 people who will die unnecessarily of poverty today. If all of us who are already working for global justice, peace, and biospheric sustainability put our minds together and cooperate, we'll amplify our effectiveness in unknowable ways.

If a united, enthusiastic, practical and visionary movement begins to connect and emerge, even more people will be awakened by hope and join the movement. Below their depression, anger and anxiety, everyone wants justice, peace and sustainability. The numbers are on the side of equality. We can break out of the helpless, lonely stuckness.

Try, Try Again. Throughout history there is always the seemingly hopeless stuck place between the giant evolutionary cultural advances we need, and the place/time we're in. In many ways however we're moving out of inertia and beyond it. The scale has not tipped yet, but it seems it may be about to. For us not to gather together and change the way the world works, simply because we haven’t yet succeeded at it, is understandable, but shortsighted. The moment is pregnant with the potential for a coalescence of collective, progressive power.

Fear, the mind killer. We legitimately fear blowback against a powerful movement. We know what happened to Martin Luther King Jr., the Kennedys, Malcolm X, Gandhi, Biko. We fear embarrassment if we fail, and persecution if we succeed. We fear we'll have few successes. We fear our incompetence. Surely fear—conscious and unconscious—impedes vast numbers of potential and actual activists. If those 10-20% of us who already have the requisite courage, vision, desperation or faith will just lead the way, many more will join us. Then we'll find comfort in our great numbers, in companionship with like-minded people, in hope for the future, and in the joy of living with eyes and hearts wide open.

This is about choosing: Are you for life or not? There is no way not to choose. Not to decide is to choose the status quo.

This has never been done before. Of course we don’t know what we’re doing! We’ll learn as we go. When billions of supremely complex human minds work efficiently and cooperatively on noble but achievable goals, the results will be impossible to predict. Let’s go where no culture has gone before. For our sake, for the sake of future generations, it's the right thing to do. Join the adventure!

Start meeting, planning, acting, with overwhelming force. We care. We'll help.