A world where each person has an equal voice in the decisions affecting them.


To connect all individuals and groups into a sociocratic decision-making structure that plans and fosters actions to meet our common goals efficiently.

Sociocracy and Next Step Together

You already know the essentials of sociocracy, though the word is new (another term for it is Dynamic Governance). It's simply consent. It's the way you make decisions with those you know and trust. You don't ignore your friends and family. You compromise. You care. You create.
The entire global electrical grid works on the same principles as a transistor radio. All of humanity can work on the same principles as your circle of friends. Can you envision how quickly things on earth will improve when we listen to and respect one another?
It need not take long either. We don't need everyone immediately. Huge societal shifts often start with small groups of dedicated individuals with big dreams. 1-10% is enough to tip many situations in a much healthier direction.

Five More Proposals

In addition to the Vision and the Mission, The Implementation Circle of Next Step Together would like your consent to, and action on, five proposals. If you have niggles with any of them, please express them at The Implementation Circle will seriously consider all niggles. Niggles consented to by a sociocratic process may carry greater weight.

1) Each First Circle meets and selects two people to represent them using a fun, simple, sociocratic process.

2) The pairs of representatives from four First Circles meet and form a group of eight, called a Second Circle.

3) In the same way, each of the Second Circles selects two representatives who meet to form Third Circles.

4) This process continues until the Sixteenth Circle represents everyone on earth.

5) All Circles can make proposals, objections to proposals, and send them to the next level via their representatives.

Meetings are about creating action steps to build a world that we all can agree we want.
Next Step Together is not social clubs or study groups. It's an organic, relationship/trust-based, highly efficient, intensely responsive, deeply democratic system of decision making. But, it's also just a larger version of the way you and your friends decide together.
Simple. Powerful. Familiar. We can build the world we all need.